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Monday, 16 July 2007



As a marine biologist , you are concerned with everything to do with life in water . You study the origin , structure , functions and behaviour of living organisms , their relationships with each other , and how they are affected by environment factors . These studies will go towards conservation efforts .

Tasks include estimating and analysing populations of marine organisms and observing the structure of these communities . You carry out environment impact assessments to determine effects of man's activities , like development , on certain areas . You develop programmes to monitor environmental pollution or to encourage sustainable aquaculture development .

You also provide information and recommendations for the development of marine conservation and harvesting policies and provide research training for students and staff .

Work is based both in the laboratory and at sea or at shore-based field stations . Fieldwork includes working on fishing vessels and scuba diving .

What qualifications/skills do I need ?

You need a basic science (biology) degree and a postgraduate degree specialising in marine biology . Some universities also offer undergraduate degrees in marine biology but a postgraduate degree is still often necessary in most cases .