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Thursday, 25 June 2009


As a sensitive blogger , I find that it's my social obligation to provide spaces for those who need FREE ads spaces easpecially emplyers who offer job opportunities.

Besides , I do welcome those who would like to advertise their products , services ,promotions ,etc. as well . For FREE of course.

You may wonder why I doing all this for FREE now?Or how long the ads will be lasted?Or does the ads must be in English?What are the terms and conditions, etc.?

Well ,as what I've mentioned above, it's a little effort which I could think of to contribute to the healthy growth and recovery of the global economy as well as a practical and concrete move to ensure the one of the most important objectives that the government wants to archieve via the stimulus packages, namely to ensure people to secure or able to get a job.

Hence,your ads will be lasted until you requeat me to remove it.Is that long!

There will be restriction(s) or bond attached or whatever the ads is as long as its format is supported by BLOGGER.

The only terms and conditions applied are all the information submitted must be correct and LEGAL.Thats all!!!
Those who interested to advertise , please send your ads to

Please allow me to take some time to process your ads.

Thank you.

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