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Sunday, 27 May 2007

There are three people who are going to be sent to prison for three years,the jailer gives each of them a chance to make a request.
Prisoner A loves cigar,so he asked for three boxes of cigars.Prisoner B is a romantic person,he asked for a beautiful girl to spend time with him.However,the prisoner C asked for a telephone which enables him to connect with people outside the prison.
After three years,the person who rushed out is the prisoner .His mouth and nose are filled with cigars."Fire,give me fire!",he shouted.The poor man forgot to ask for fire.
Then,the Prisoner B slowly walked out.A cute baby is in his hands,with his beautiful pregnant wife whose hand was holding their eldest child's hand.
The last person who came out from the jail is the prisoner C,he is holding the jailer's hands and says,"These past three years,my business never stopped and eventually grow 200%.In order to thank you,I am going to give you a Rolls Royce."
This story is telling us what choice we chose today will actually determine what lives we are in future.
Our lives today are the products of what we have chosen three years ago.Our decision today will affect our lives in the next three years.
Therefore,we must make right decision through our experiences.You may ask how to make a right decision?By making mistakes.Life is challenging!Don't easily give up when you are down.You will grow when you are able to overcome obstacles.

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