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Friday, 29 June 2007


To start off,list down your budget and performance requirements.And be happy because the price of desktops has gone dowm to a more affordable level.
If you concerned about technical support and other post-purchase issues,you can look for a branded desktop PC.If not,just opt for a clones computer.However,there are some vendors who provide the services as the branded PCs vendor provide.
It's quite confusing when you come to processing power.The gigahertz(GHz) speed is no longer the indicator for performance.This is because per Intel's Duo Core 2 processors,you get a four-in-one processor,which gives you great gains in system performance per Wattage.Which means that though the gigahertz clock-speed might seem lesser than an older Pentium 4 3.0GHz processor,it the Duo Core 2 will actually outperform the Pentium 4 processor and with better energy efficiency too.Similarly,so would AMD Athlon's 62x2 alternative offering.
The general rule with random access memory(RAM),no matter what the type,is toget as much of it as you can.Entry-level configuration starts with 512 megabytes(MB).A memory bottleneck could easily disrupt your enjoyment.In any case,refer to your software and application requirements.
A graphics card should at least have 256MB of double data rate(DDR) memory.However,this can be insufficient to render high quality graphics in most cases.The actual minimum you should get ,if you can afford it would be 512MB of video memory.
Storage is important ecspecially if you deal with a lot of digital contents and files such as animation and music.Try to get at least 80GB and think of 160GB if you are hardcore computng applications and graphic designing.
In addition,check out the available ports like the modem and local area network(LAN) ports should be built in.The standard desktop should have two to four universal serial bus(USB) ports.FireWire ports are rare.
There are two types of display screen:catode ray tube(CRT) and liquid crystal display(LCD).For extended usage,LCD screens are kinder to eyes and are sharper in definition.It is more common nowadays to have desktop systems paired with LCD monitors,which should be at minimum 15 inches.
You should check out the desktop's warranty as well.Some vendors provide on-site service in case anything goes wrong.This means people don't have to carry their desktop all the way to the service centre.

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