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Thursday, 28 February 2008


You can now get your old PC working like new without spending a fortune on a new hardware and software by deleting the temporary files that clutter up your disk regularly.Moreover,you can remove fonts that you don't use-they have to be loaded at every start up.Don't forget to use a disk defragmenter every week.
Additionally,you can check out the latest version of every bit of software you use.As well as bug fixes,the later version usually offer performance improvements.
Besides that,you can invest in a disk maintenance utility that extends and automates the housekeeping process as well.
Lastly,if you don't mind to spend some money,you can add more memory,a second hard drive,a faster graphics card,even a new processor.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Btw, your blog is very messy and confusing. Having tons of functions
doesn't make a blog nice to look at.
Try to make things neater and easier to browse through. Also, include contents that people don't see everyday. Why the heck do I need to read the 5 principles of Rukun Negara?!! Isn't it enough that I say it every Monday morning? You should also post pictures. They are much more preferable to look at compared to words that can get sooo irritating wait...more like most of the time. Haven't you heard that pictures say a thousand words?
Overall, there's much room for improvement and looking forward to
see a better blog soon.

P.S: And you must thank and repay
me for writing all this stuff.
Took 5 minutes of my life and
that time can be used to do so
many other more important

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