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Friday, 11 September 2009

the Special Task Force

Honest speaking, I doubted whether the so-called "super task force” headed by Chief Secretary Sidek Hassan as what Najib has announced instead of establishing a Royal Commission really able to archieved its objectives or not.Or maybe "There are hidden fishes behind the stone",an initial move to sack Ong Tee Keat ,or to "sweep" the matter under the carpet.

According to previous experience,the archievement of the Royal Commission or "super task force" is predictable ,that is, "finally" the small trivial fishes were caught (at least, there were actions taken), and then the authority assumed by default (Syok Sendiri,SS) that the public will be very happy and satisfied with the plot.The more interesting part is that no one will come out with any preventive measures to avoid the same scandals to happen again,that's great !!!

Before Najib sworn in as the sixth PM with a "slightly" polluted image,he has told the people "to judge him by his action".Now , he has anounced the "super task foece" to conduct the "critical" part of investigation over the PKFZ scandal as quoted by Ong Tee Keat.So, as public,we shall open eyes widely to see what is going during the climate and the end

Would there will be an extraordinary ending,or just goes as usual(tradition or culture,depends on how you look at it as long as our indonesian friends don't misunderstanding it),that is,no BIG sharks involved! How are we going to judge Najib and the BN-led federal government,is partly influenced by this!The 308 tsunami has changed the political vista of Malaysia,whether the momentum of the wave will persist or not is partly affected by this(the lamb-sh*t-ful ending) too!

The show has started...Let's enjoy...

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