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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Lesson from Penanti By-election

After a three-hour BN supreme council chaired by YAB Najib for his first time, BN has decided not to contest in the Penanti by-election as BN described it as “a political game by the opposition” and to put more efforts to stimulate our country’s economics at the same time. I feel proud and applause for the wise decision made by BN leaders and the determination and courage shown by the YAB Najib to make decision without being influenced by or considering only the favours of certain parties especially the retired veteran leader.
Having by-elections frequently due to the resignations of elected people representatives are waste of public funds. However, view the Penanti by-election from a different angle, it’s a political agenda of PKR to remove the elected assemblyman who didn’t not perform well is a right move indeed. This will benefit people of the constituent as a more competent candidate will definitely bring more positives changes to the respective constituent. In long-term run, why should the money of tax-payers to be paid to a poor performer while there are lots of competent candidates who can perform better?
Moreover ,it can be a valuable lesson for both the people as well as the political parties.Before the nomination of any election, the leaders should filter the candidates and choose a qualified candidate who really has the passion to serve the people consistently (at least, the burning passion can be last for 4.5 years).And it’s the responsibility of the people as well to really examine the candidate’s background whether he or she really has a determined passion to fight for the interests of the people or not.Open both eyes and see clearly so that the occurrence of by-election except for the death of assemblyman can be prevented or at least, minimised.

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