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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Poltical Impasse in Perak ll and The Fun Quizs

1. Why political leaders and supporters wearing black will be caught by police?
a. To avoid confusion of the public.
b. So that those who wear black will not get sun burn.
c. Black symbolizes bad luck.
d. Wearing dark colour cloths may cause road accident.

2. Why political leaders and supporters to go on fast are not allowed?
a. To ensure no one will die of hungry.
b. So that the business of the restaurants in Perak will not go down.
c. Because there are excess food supply in Perak.
d. To avoid some lazy people to use this as an excuse to skip work.

3. What is the best solution to solve the political impasse in Perak?
a. Let’s hand it to the judges.
b. Form a coalition government.
c. Let’s the Perakeans to decide.
d. Pass the ball to the Sultan!

4. How long do you think that Perak will restore its political order?
a. Within one month.
b. When the Sultan has make the key decision.
c. Wait until the next general election.
d. As soon as possible…

5. What do you think about the performance of the police in restoring the public order in Perak?
a. Perak will be a crimeless state, soon…
b. The PR leaders are safe, really very safe…
c. Why BN leaders enjoy less protection from the police?
d. As good as the governance of BN.

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