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Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Political Impasse in Perak and the future of BN

The victory for the Perakeans ,democracy and justice when a High Court order declaring Datuk Seri Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin the rightful chief executive of the state has been suspended within 24 hours due to the Court of Appeal granted an urgent application by BN so-called MB for a stay of executive of the High Court order .
Away from the courtroom , the leaders from both BN and PR who are in the fight for the control of Perak are stand by to have discussion for the sake of ending the chaotic situation in Perak .From the stands of many parties ,we can see that most of them want the power to be returned to the Perakeans. Indeed, having a fresh election is the best solution to end the political impasse as there are several loopholes or grey spots in the Constitution of Perak.
The pitch that call for a fresh election in Perak is getting higher and higher, hence , it’s not surprised that our dearest former premier Tun Dr. M says the best way is for a vote of no-confidence to be moved against Nizar in the state assembly. Otherwise , BN will suffer if there is a fresh election. I think is an open secret.
Moreover, it is inevitably that the 507 incident will definitely give a negative impact to BN in the coming general election as well if BN continues to reign Perak illegally.So,BN is ready to face people in the event of fresh election in Perak and the ball is under the Sultan’s leg now.
The time will come definitely. So , let’s see what the positive changes will be brought by BN before the next general election in order to dilute the dislike feeling of people in the future so it can continue to lead Malaysia to the next saga after the next general election.
Again, let’s open our big eyes and see…
P/S: In normal circumstances, it takes months of time for the Appeal Court to take action. But in this case, we can see how efficient is the AC to handle the case that relates to the public interest of Perak.

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